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Vegan Gift Ideas for Non-Vegans

Buying gifts for non-vegans when you’re vegan yourself can be difficult. Whilst you don’t want to force your beliefs on others, you would still rather not support any animal exploitation when buying gifts. My best advice? Find some gifts that don’t scream vegan but yet are still vegan.

If you’re struggling for vegan Christmas gift ideas or vegan presents for birthdays, we’ve compiled a list of our favourites to help you out…

Delicious Hot Chocolate

Whittard of Chelsea
Photo by Whittard of Chelsea

Honestly, no one would expect hot chocolate this delicious and fun to be vegan! Whittard of Chelsea is probably best known for their tea, but they also have some incredible hot chocolate powders. They aren’t all vegan but they do clearly label the ones that are.

Hot chocolate is perfect for a vegan stocking filler or Christmas gift.

Here are some of the best vegan-friendly flavours they have:

●      Turkish Delight hot chocolate – reminiscent of Edmund in Narnia, a Turkish Delight hot chocolate is deliciously festive with the sweet allure of rose

●      Rocky Road hot chocolate – one you definitely wouldn’t expect to be vegan-friendly with the sweet tastes of marshmallow, toffee, cherry and raisins

●      Christmas hot chocolate – you can’t get more Christmassy than this luxury hot chocolate spiced with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and spiced plum

●      Peanut Butter hot chocolate – trust me, any peanut butter fan will be hooked from their first sip

Fancy Candles

Selfmade Candle Co
Photo by Selfmade Candle Co

This vegan-friendly, eco-conscious candle company creates such gorgeous, hand-poured, luxurious candles that no one would wonder whether or not they’re vegan. Selfmade Candle Co are a small business based in London and create natural soy wax candles with plantable seed labels – so once burnt out, the empty candle can be transformed into a plant! It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Here are some of the scents they have to offer:

●      Boutique – transports you straight to a luxurious spa with scents of cedarwood and geranium

●      Breezy – if fresh laundry in the warm sun if more your vibe, try this candle made with vanilla and lavender

●      Conscious – made with stress reducing geranium, £5 from every sale of this limited edition candle is donated to the Black Minds Matter UK Charity

Silky Face Masks

Photo by GoldenxHour

Let’s be honest… no one would have believed at the start of the year that one of the must have gifts of Christmas 2020 would be face coverings. Alas, here we are. But if we’re covering up, we may as well do it in style.

Satin masks are not only stunning, but are also much kinder on the skin thanks to the soft, breathable material. Looking great and avoiding mask-ne? Yes please. These faux-silk masks by GoldenxHour are handmade from high quality satin and are a great gift for anyone with sensitive skin.

DIY Pamper at Home

Pedicure Kit
Photo by Cowshed

That one family member with funky feet? Get them this at-home pedicure kit from Cowshed. The name alone will throw your family off the vegan scent here!

Cowshed is actually a cruelty-free beauty brand with lots of vegan options, including this pedicure set. This kit includes mini versions of their Foot Scrub and Balm, as well as a foot file and socks to lock in moisture overnight. Perfect for a little TLC on one of many nights in.

Wolf and Gypsy

Wolf and Gypsy Rings
Photo by Wolf and Gypsy

Okay, so this one is less about shopping vegan and more about shopping ethically. Do you ever give much thought to how jewellery is made?

Wolf and Gypsy are a Manchester-based jewellery brand that’s looking to make a positive change with their handmade jewellery. They care about the materials used in creating their jewellery and their impact on people and the planet. They only ever use recycled precious metals and conflict-free gemstones – not that this leads to any compromise on quality. They’re also a member of 1% for the planet, this means that they donate 1% of their earnings to sustainable nonprofits.

Best of all, despite being ethical, the quality and price of their jewellery are still really competitive so you aren’t stuck going over budget by swapping to ethical products. Definitely, a company to support this Christmas!

The ‘Silky’ Pyjama Set

Charlotte Dunn pyjama set
Photo by Charlotte Dunn

There’s nothing quite like fresh, fancy pyjamas on Christmas morning. This Charlotte Dunn pyjama set is made from luxuriously soft, responsibly farmed bamboo silk and beautifully embroidered with organic cotton. Not immediately obvious, the embroidered design on this set is a subtle, playful design of a naked torso. Very cute and cheeky!

This pyjama set is so gorgeous and soft to touch, no one would expect it to have been made by super sustainable materials – which makes it a great alternative to silk pyjamas (silk comes from worms, didn’t you know?). Charlotte Dunn understands that sustainability is about both people and the planet. The brand only works with factories that pay a fair wage, and their products are made in a small batch process to minimise waste. Sure, these are expensive but boy are they worth it.

Cute Vegan Shoes

Koi Footwear
Photo by Koi Footwear

On-trend footwear that’s also lowkey vegan? That’s Koi Footwear. Their designs are cute, edgy, youthful and often have a bit of an anime influence to them. They lead with compassion: they use 100% vegan leather and are on a constant mission to become a more sustainable and generally kinder company.

Here are some of their best designs:

●      ASTRO Star and Moon chunky boots – for the astrology lover

●      Unveiled Darkness Glitter Trainers – a cute, sparkly spin on the white chunky trainer

●      Lotus Pull On Block Heel Boots – white boots that will level up any winter wardrobe

Floral Fragrances

Floral Street
Photo by Floral Street

When in doubt, perfume is always a great gift! Whilst there are lots of great vegan perfume brands, Floral Street perfumes look and smell like just any other fancy perfume. No one would guess that they’re a vegan, cruelty-free brand that uses gorgeous but sustainable packaging.

Floral Street is an independent British company with a good set of values and ethics. They actually have a shop right in the heart of Covent Garden – so if you’re ever about, make sure to pop in for a good sniff! Their bottles are gorgeous and their scents are all floral based – that doesn’t mean they’re all soft and romantic – there are some deep, rebellious scents too. You can definitely find a scent to suit anyone.

Stocking Fillers


If you’re after some beauty based stocking fillers to wrap up, you can always order a vegan and cruelty-free beauty subscription box!

The beauty products inside every Pip Box are worth over £55 but each box costs just £20 – so you’ll be getting really good value for money. They have a few different options including pre-paid subscriptions and gift vouchers.

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