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Valentines Day – Lockdown Date Ideas

lockdown date night at home for valentines day ideas 2021

Valentine’s is going to look a little different this year, lockdown fatigue has truly set in and despite our positive attitudes we’re all just a little bored!

If you’re in to eating food, drinking cocktails, playing games or just hanging out we’ve drafted up some of the top Valentines Day 2021 ideas. So whether you’re spending lockdown together or if you’re in separate houses then we’ve got you covered.

So if you’re on the hunt for things to do for Valentine’s Day 2021, then look no further…

Get Dressed Up for a Date Night

Now this one might be obvious, but you’ll be surprised how exciting it’ll be after all these months of staying home. It’s the perfect excuse to practice a bit of self-love, shower, do your hair, pick out your favourite outfit and get dolled up. Head down to the living room, make some cocktails, cook your favourite dish or order in a takeaway (bonus points for a cute restaurant-like set up). This works perfectly via zoom too.

This is the perfect romantic date idea for couples who live together, plus it’s an opportunity to see your loved one out of their PJ’s for the first time in a year!

DIY Charcuterie Board

lockdown date night at home for valentines day ideas 2021

You’ve probably seen charcuterie boards plastered all over your Pinterest feeds this last year… You know the pretty plates of cheese, veggies, fruits, breads and dips all arranged perfectly? Well now is your time to shine.

Not only is this date perfect as you get to stuff your face with all your favourite foods but it’s also a great way to spend some time with your loved one. Go to the supermarket together and start filling up your basket with all the foods you can find, head home, and start loading up your boards. This is the perfect way to spice up your evening and a great excuse to eat your body weight in food.

If you are spending lockdown apart from each other you could try purchasing each other’s food and leaving it on the doorstep. This could be a really fun way to see how much you really know each other!

Spa Day or Spa Night

spa night at home lockdown date night at home for valentines day ideas 2021

Whilst you can’t book yourself in for a pampering massage there is no excuse not to have a relaxing spa session at home whether you are spending lockdown together or having a zoom date. Focus on stimulating each of the senses to create the spa experience. Dim your lights, use candles to light the room and incense sticks to create a spa aroma. Lastly, put on some soothing music and pop on your comfy dressing gown to get started.

Have a cosy bubble bath with your vegan bath bombs or bath oils. Cleanse your skin, using your cruelty-free serums and oils, pop on a mask and chill out for a while. If you’re spending lockdown together you could even test out giving each other a facial or a massage. You could even finish off your experience with afternoon tea or a bottomless brunch!

Games Night

couple playing game on games night date at home during lockdown

This one is a personal favourite and it’s so simple. Dig out your favourite board games or even buy a new one that you can learn together. It’s a great way to bond and though competitiveness might lead to bickering it’s a great way to spend some quality time together.

Plus, there are so many options to choose from with board games like Cluedo and Scrabble, card games like Monopoly Go and Cards Against Humanity and video games such as Crash Bandicoot and Mario Kart, you’ll find something, you both love.

This also works if you are spending lockdown apart, simply find a game you can both play online, jump on Zoom and start playing. You could have a few drinks, cook the same foods and spend some quality time together.

What about Valentines Day Gifts?

the pip box valentines day gift idea 2021

If it’s a Valentines Day gift you are after then we might just have the perfect thing. The Pip Box is a vegan and cruelty-free beauty subscription box that you can order online for delivery to your loved one. Choose from a 1, 3, 6 or 12 month pre-paid subscription and treat your partner to the gift of 5 new beauty treats every month.

So whether you’re into food, drinking or just spending time together we hope we’ve given you some inspiration for an exciting date night in lockdown.

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