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The Vegan Bath Products Everyone Needs

top vegan bath products

There’s no better way to unwind than a steamy shower or hot bath. It’s one of the only times of day when we switch off and disconnect, putting down our phones and to-do lists to take time for ourselves. Plus these make the perfect gift on their own or part of a vegan bath gift set!

To make the most of these rare moments of peace, why not indulge yourself or a friend in vegan and cruelty-free products designed to make you feel calm and centred at bath time? These are the six most relaxing vegan bath and shower products… 

Noble Isle – Tea Rose Luxury Bubble Bath & Shower Gel 

Photo by Noble Isle

If you’re looking for a luxury vegan bath product, then look no further… The best thing about this product is that it doubles up as a body wash and a bubble bath, making it perfect for every kind of soak. Made with plant extracts, it has a soft, flowery scent that combines notes of rose, jasmine, sage, musk (and more). It’s a soothing treat for your skin and your senses. 

NARLOA – Pink Detox Bath Soak

Photo by Norloa

This mineral-rich blend of sea salt, dried rose petals, and fruit oil is a powerfully calming remedy. Sea salt is a detoxifier that helps to stimulate circulation and ease tense muscles, while essential oils have a soothing aroma that helps us to relax. Add a few handfuls to your bath and get ready to unwind, 

fur – Bath Oil Drops

Photo by fur

These little drops of FUR oil are the perfect addition to your bath. Made with sage oil, jojoba oil, and grapeseed oil, they’re contained in a seaweed case that dissolves when you drop it into the water. Add a couple of them to your bath for luxuriously soft, supple, and smooth skin.  

Lush – Twilight Bath Bomb

Photo by Lush

Out of all the LUSH vegan bath bombs (and there are many) Twilight is the one I always come back to. From its dreamy moon and star exterior to its tranquil lavender scent, it’s specifically designed to help you switch off. Drop it in your bath before bed to help ease you into slumber. 

HERBIVORE – Coco Rose Exfoliating Body Scrub

Photo by Herbivore

What’s a good wash without a full body scrub? Herbivore’s Coco Rose Body Polish is made with virgin coconut oil, morrocon rose and sugar to gently exfoliate your skin, while moisturising it at the same time. With a light, floral scent, it’ll leave you smelling dreamy and feeling silky.  

Bramley – Soothing Bath, Body & Shower Oil 

This versatile product is the ultimate multitasker. You can pour it into your bath, use it as a shower gel, or apply to your body after washing for skin that feels soft, moisturised and soothed. 

Made with natural essential oils, including chamomile, lavender and geranium, the scent is super relaxing, which makes it the perfect product to use before bed.

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