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Sustainable Period Products for Every Woman

Sustainable Period Products

Trying to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle? From buying second-hand clothing to following a vegan diet, there are many things you can do to reduce your impact on the environment. But, perhaps one of the most overlooked sustainability hacks is switching up your sanitary products to an eco-friendly alternative. 

It may come as a surprise to hear that many shop-bought tampons and pads contain plastic, rayon, bleach, and other chemicals. When disposed of, these products either make their way into landfills, or they end up in our oceans. This means that tens of thousands of sanitary items wash up on the world’s beaches every year, with many of them taking up to 500 years to decompose, creating a serious pollution problem that threatens marine life. 

The good news is, an increasing number of eco-friendly period products are emerging to tackle this issue, ditching the plastic and chemicals for biodegradable, organic materials. So, if you’re keen to lessen your environmental footprint and protect our oceans, these are the vegan, eco-friendly brands to know about… 


Photo by TOTM

Offering a selection of applicator and non-applicator tampons, panty-liners and pads to suit every flow, TOTM products are better for the planet and your body. Made from 100% certified organic cotton (which is grown without pesticides) they eliminate the risk of harsh chemicals getting into your system.

Plus, all of their pads and tampons are wrapped in eco-friendly bio-film wrappers and delivered in carbon-positive sugarcane mailing bags. How’s that for sustainability? 


Photo by Mancunion

Mooncup is the ultimate environmentally friendly sanitary solution. Using first-grade medical silicone, this reusable cup not only puts a stop to unnecessary waste, but it’s also cost-efficient as you’ll only need to invest in one, rather than purchasing endless tampons and pads.

Easily inserted inside your vagina during your period, it neatly catches your blood, which can later be poured away when it’s removed.  


Photo by Natracare

Pioneers in period products, Natracare’s founder, Susie, developed the world’s first brand of organic, natural sanitary items in the 1980s. With everything from tampons, sanitary pads, and liners to eco-friendly wipes and incontinence pads, Natracare believes in ethical menstrual products that are kind to our bodies and the Earth.

Wrapped in strictly biodegradable materials, this gentle, hypoallergenic range is perfect if you have sensitive skin.  


Photo by & SISTERS

Not only do & SISTERS wrap their products in the prettiest packaging we’ve ever seen, but they also provide a whole range of eco-friendly sanitary items, from organic cotton tampons to pads, liners, and cups.

Made with 100% certified organic cotton that’s free from pesticides and chlorine, each single-use product is recyclable and biodegradable, while the reusable menstrual cups are made from naturally occurring silica. 

Their period subscription box is designed with busy people in mind. Customise everything from your choice of our 100% organic cotton period products, to the frequency of your delivery – and leave the rest to them.

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