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Q&A Lucky Cloud Founder, Lucy Cardwell

Lucy Cardwell, Founder of Lucky Cloud

Lucky Cloud is a multi-award winning, natural, vegan friendly, plastic free skincare brand founded by Lucy Cardwell. Her botanical skincare brand was launched in Scotland in 2015 after Lucy found it increasingly more difficult to find expert skincare she could trust.

Focusing on natural products for the treatments of dry, damaged and sensitive skin Lucky Cloud harnesses the natural power of ethically sourced ingredients in all their products. Founder Lucy has firsthand experience with sensitive and painful eczema prone skin and after years of wasting money on mass produced products she decided to make a change, and Lucky Cloud was born.

6 years later Lucky Cloud have won multiple awards, gained hundreds of 5* customer reviews and continue to develop their brand offering customers personalised skincare advice from their Skin Quiz. As well as containing natural ingredients Lucky Cloud is almost 100% plastic-free!

We caught up with Lucy to ask her a few questions about entrepreneurship and everything that goes along with it. Keep reading to find out more…

What was the inspiration behind the Lucky Cloud brand and how did the name Lucky Cloud come about?

Lucky Cloud Founder, Lucy Cardwell

To be completely honest I didn’t initially start out trying to set up a business.

I was one of those (many) people who had suffered from dermatitis / eczema prone skin, for what felt like forever… I was diagnosed with it when I was in late primary school and then spent the next 20 + years using various steroid ointments, cortisone creams and trying to find skin cleansers and moisturisers that didn’t exacerbate the problem areas.  It would come and go in waves and when it was bad, it was baaaaad (think cracked & bleeding skin, blisters and itches so bad they made me cry).  I became reliant on the steroid products, because it felt like they were the only thing that really “fixed” it. The thing was, these creams were only ever a temporary respite… and often made things worse, but back then I didn’t care… if it stopped the itch – good.

In 2012 I had a realization that I just couldn’t continue slathering my skin with products that not only were full of horrible sounding synthetic chemicals but were also not actually helping my skin health. This coincided with a weekend mucking about in my kitchen playing with lip balm recipes – and things started to come together!

So I began to educate myself to learn as much as I could about natural skincare and how to formulate skincare.

As for the name, well… L + C are my initials, so it feels like there’s a personal connection even if it’s not obvious to anyone else!

Lucky evokes feelings of positivity, happiness and success.

Clouds are the natural element, they provide so much to the earth – from water, hydration and protection. The ephemeral nature of clouds evokes the notion that things move and change; that the natural world has lifecycles.

Tell us a bit about you, what were you doing before you launched Lucky Cloud?

I’m from Adelaide, South Australia – where I grew up, studied and began my working career. I went to Art School in Adelaide and worked for years withing the arts industry – from museums, galleries, festivals and event organizations.

I moved to Scotland in 2008 and continued my career in the arts until I launched Lucky Cloud in 2015

As I said, I didn’t set out to intentionally start a business, let alone a natural skincare one. It happened gradually!

What were the first steps you took when launching your brand?

Lucy Cardwell, Founder of Lucky Cloud Skincare

After the initial process of realizing I was actually creating a skincare brand it became more about practical things…

Branding: it’s so important; I worked with a local Edinburgh designer for Lucky Cloud V 1.0.
The branding you see today is the result of a brand re-fresh; I worked with Creative Wilderness  , Charlotte specializes in ethical branding, brand identity and design working with small independent ethically minded businesses… and was an absolute dream to work with!  I was so happy I discovered her (she had done the branding for one of my online stockists The Kind Store (

Creating a website, setting up social media accounts, sourcing sustainable packaging materials, making friends with your local post office, all very important things to do 😉

I then organized a soft launch; hired an event space, bought lots of fizz, invited friends and family and set up my products!

I would recommend to anyone starting a business to go and find and join local and online business and marketing groups. They’ll be a wealth of knowledge, support and help!

Did you face any challenges when you first launched the brand?

Lucky Cloud Hydrating Super Balm

Running a business on your own can be quite isolating, so finding friends, family and communities that are supportive were crucial. Other entrepreneurs who understand what you’re trying to achieve and how difficult it can be; they’re the ones who will have your back. And I try to keep a positive mindset; each “failure” is an opportunity to learn, grown and become better.

Biggest challenge though? Probably the fact that I’ve self-funded everything. Without a lump-sum of cash things can take a bit longer to develop. However, as a consumable product business I’ve have a steady stream of product revenue to invest back into the business.

What were the key messages you wanted Lucky Cloud to portray?

Doing a brand refresh during a global pandemic (lol) gave me a really great opportunity to really take a step back and look at my brand, the products and what I wanted them to represent… so I’d love to share some of the results with you!


To spread happiness and well-being through the use of effective, botanical skincare that doesn’t cost the earth

The Lucky Cloud WOW
Using Lucky Cloud Skincare products is an uplifting and nourishing experience. Offering a natural and sustainable way to combat skin issues. The joy and relief you feel when using Lucky Cloud products is unmistakable. The fresh range of affordable, beautiful and kind to the planet products put a daily smile on your face

The Pip Box is always proud to work with female founders, what has been your best/proudest moment so far?

Lucy Cardwell, Founder of Lucky Cloud Skincare

You know, whenever I get asked this I always think about customer feedback. When I receive incredible reviews & feedback on products, it just feels amazing. Knowing I’ve created something that is so loved and helps people feel more confident in themselves is so heart-warming.

It does bring me to tears sometimes!

What advice would you give to other aspiring female entrepreneurs?

Determination – starting any business takes hard work, so you’ve got to be determined

Positivity – there are going to be ups and downs. Remain positive as much as you can (while also allowing yourself to rest when things feel overwhelming)

Patience – things don’t happen overnight (especially when it comes to skincare formulation!), but if you keep working and celebrate your wins you’ll get there!

What can we expect to see from Lucky Cloud in the future?

Lucky Cloud Skincare

I really want to continue delivering thoughtful and considerate products and care to as many people as possible! If I can share a moment of joy with someone through kind words and beautiful skincare I’ll be happy. But I’m always full of ideas for new products, so of course, I hope to add to the range too!

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Lucy. To find out more about Lucky Cloud click here or click here to test out their star product in the June Pip Box.

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