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INTERVIEW: Noughty Haircare Founders

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Noughty Haircare products are made from natural ingredients and are free from silicones, parabens, sulphates and petrochemicals. As well as being made with entirely vegan ingredients, the products are also not tested on animals. The featured product in our December Pip Box is the Conditioning & Detangling Spray.

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We interviewed the founders to find out what it’s like to run a successful business in the midst of a pandemic. Keep reading to find out more…

What do you stand for as a business?

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All Noughty products are 75% natural, the other 3% accounts for hygiene, safety, and sustainability. Noughty Haircare are leaping bunny certified, vegan certified and conscious about the ingredients in our products.

Who are your founders, and what was the inspiration behind bringing the brand to life?

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Noughty Haircare launched in September 2016 by co-founders Rachel Parsonage and Lorna Mitchell but our story really began when we first met at school in a very British town called Bedford.

We both believe it’s a privilege to be able to work alongside each other as close friends with shared history and skills that complement each other. Our strong family values and simliar ideals of hard work, integrity and trust connect us. Despite taking quite different routes into the beauty industry, it’s no surprise that similar experiences, led us to re-connect, and after several years in the making, Noughty was born

Growing up together, we learned from a young age that good hair and skin can make or break how you feel about your day, so creating a product range that really performed and didn’t contain any nasties became our first priority. We believe everyone has a right to good hair, so today, sensibly priced performance led products that solve every hair problem, has become our obsession.

With the help of plant expert and beauty botanist Jennifer Hirsch, we put a great deal of thought and time into sourcing the right ingredients, and formulating products that deliver real results. We’re proud to say that in the past two years, we have developed a real family of Noughty girls (and Noughty boys) who like us, advocate self-confidence, self-acceptance, self- development and self-love but who never fail to be, just a little bit Noughty.

How has the pandemic affected your business?

Noughty and our fantastic team have I am sure like everybody else, had a tough year. Our priority is always to look after each other and we rallied through the difficult times, shifting to working from home and managing the business remotely.

For the retailers who sadly had to close doors during the lockdown and who are dealing with a reduction of people in stores are struggling, but adjusting. Our website has grown for us by quite significant numbers as people have shifted to buying online, so much so, that in the first lockdown it caught us off guard a little and we ran out of stock of some of our best sellers with the increased demand!

Creating products that delight and solve hair problems for our customers is what we love doing and I’m delighted that we have still launched products this year with Curl Jelly and Purple Reign. Our team has tried to be as accessible in our support and service levels as usual. We found hair routines and hair concerns have changed slightly through the pandemic, from a shift in how we are living our lives.

This has led to important conversations with our customers who have wanted hair advice and whilst we have our Discover Your Roots hair tool online, sometimes a chat and an email are just as important. – Rachel Parsonage, CO-Founder.

If a customer was to buy one product from your range, what would you recommend?

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We are all unique. Out of the 7.5 billion people in the world, no two are the same. It’s not just genetics, but also experiences and lifestyle choices that shape who you are and make you your fabulous, unique self. With that uniqueness comes unique hairstyles, colours and concerns. So why should everyone follow the same rules when it comes to choosing haircare? Your regime should be as unique as you are.

We passionately believe in the importance of being unique and since all hair types are unique, we offer solutions for any type of hair by building personalised, benefit-led regimes, including the To the Rescue collection for dry, damaged hair and the Wave Hello system for those with wavy locks.

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How should a customer use the Thirst Aid Conditioning & Detangling Spray featured in our boxes?

Noughty 97% Natural Thirst Aid Conditioning & Detangling Spray is a lightweight, leave-in formula packed with sweet almond extract and shea butter to infuse locks with hydration. Transforms tangles into lustrous, managed manes for the perfect fairytale ending.

For best results, after washing hair squeeze out excess water. Shake Noughty 97% Natural Thirst Aid Conditioning & Detangling Spray well, then spritz evenly onto damp hair. Comb through and dry or style as required. No water needed.

For best results, style with To The Rescue Anti-Frizz Serum.

Do you have a sustainable policy?

We are committed to upgrading all of our haircare product packaging to be made for a % of recyclable sugarcane. This process has already started with us launching Purple Reign, our new tone correcting shampoo, in packaging made from 53% plastic from sugarcane

What’s noughty’s plans for 2021?

Noughty will celebrate its 5th birthday in 2021, so there are many plans and new products launching. New treatments in our haircare line up along with a whole new category which will launch in spring. Noughtys been travelling well outside of the UK and the brand is set to expand in new retailers in the USA and Asia.Its been a brilliant journey so far which we are really humbled by and we look forward to the next chapter post Covid.

If our customers love your brand, where can they buy it and where can they follow you on socials?

Available globally on and in the UK from selected Superdrug, Boots, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s stores,,,, Feelunique, TheVeganKind Supermarket, Ocado, Amazon and

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