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Best Galentines Gift Ideas

video calling your friend for valentines day

Whilst Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day to celebrate romantic love, Galentine’s Day arrives a day earlier and is the perfect opportunity to let the gals in your life know just how much you love them. Now more than ever, when so many of us are struggling with loneliness and isolation, it’s important to check in on friends and let them know that they’re appreciated. Check through this list to find ways to make your friends smile this Galentine’s Day.

Pamper Day

best friends having a pamper day for valentines

If you’re living with your Galentine – whether that’s your mum, a housemate, your sister, whoever – you can treat each other to a pamper! To create the most relaxing, spa-like atmosphere in your own home: put on a relaxing playlist from Spotify, dim the lights, burn some candles (ideally with relaxing, cosy scents) and let everyone else from your household know not to disturb you.

Here are some relaxing, spa like activities you can enjoy together:

  • Slather on a face mask each and slice up a cucumber for eye coverings. Lie down for 10-15 minutes and enjoy the peace.
  • If your legs have been hidden under thick leggings all winter, you’ll benefit from an exfoliating leg scrub. Using the Rose Salt Scrub included in February’s Pip Box, take it in turn to buff away at each other’s legs before rinsing off, slathering on some moisturiser and enjoying soft, pampered legs.
  • If you have enough space, put on a simple, easy yoga class from YouTube and get into the flow. Otherwise you can put on a guided meditation – just as relaxing but no space to move needed.
  • You can also have fun doing mini makeovers for each other. Do each other’s makeup, pick each other’s outfit and push each other out of your respective comfort zones by exploring a new look or style. You might be surprised how much you like your transformation and take inspiration moving forward.


There’s something about a beautiful bouquet that just makes a person feel loved. If you’re considering treating your gal to some flowers, try shopping from Arena Flowers who are the UK’s number 1 rated ethical florist. You’ll also be getting amazing quality: every single stem is seasonally sourced and carefully packaged to ensure maximum freshness, before it’s personally arranged by one of their florists.

Their ethical practices start from sourcing and follow through  to your doorstep. Arena Flowers work exclusively with partners who are committed to improving the welfare and environment of the workers and communities that their flowers are sourced from.  Additionally, they’ve removed single-use plastics from their products and are working to further eradicate them from the supply chain as a whole. Definitely a brand with their priorities in order.

Your guide to roses

pink roses for your girlfriend on valentines day

Think roses are off the table just because you’re sending them to a friend? Think again. Every colour of rose represents a different sentiment. Here’s a quick run down:

  • Red roses symbolize love and romance
  • Pink roses show gratitude and admiration
  • Orange roses symbolize enthusiasm and passion
  • Yellow roses are to show friendship
  • White roses symbolize innocence and purity

So perhaps red roses may give the wrong impression, but yellow and pink are easy swaps.

Sweet Treats

If you’re looking for a gift that you know will be appreciated, perhaps look to send something edible. There are lots of great treats that can be sent in the post for the recipient to enjoy:

  • For gooey, fudgy, gourmet brownies head straight to Bad Brownies. They have a great selection of vegan and gluten free brownies so that no one misses out.
  • If they’re a fan of doughnuts, then check out Crosstown for a wide selection of gifts (including some with vegan options) all centred around their gourmet doughnuts. Similarly Doughnut Time has some fun Valentine’s gifts and also DIY kits where the recipient can have fun decorating their doughnut delivery.

Put together a gift box

There’s something really thoughtful about a well constructed gift box. They take a little more time and effort but don’t all the best things? These can easily be worked to suit all budgets, but here’s some Galentine’s themed presents you can throw into a gift box:

  • Something sweet, like their favourite chocolates or a pack of Love Hearts.
  • A book that you think they’ll enjoy. This might be a coffee table book like Start up London (an inspiring read for the entrepreneurial types), an easy read like Ghosts by Dolly Alderton or perhaps a recipe book like One Pot Vegan which is full of easy, healthy recipes.
  • Lip products are always a classic gift – think lip scrubs, lip balms and lipsticks.
  • A scratch card – who knows, they might win big! Fingers crossed they take you on holiday (when possible) with their millions.
  • A pampering treat like a face mask, luxurious body oil or a scented candle.
  • A restaurant voucher for a meal out or an I.O.U. for a bottle of bubbly once you can see each other again.

Or, if you want an easier, simpler route, sign them up for the next Pip Box. A ready made gift box full of vegan beauty goodies!

february pip box unboxing vegan and cruelty free

Get in touch

As lovely as it can be to receive gifts, sometimes picking up the phone and taking the time to chat can mean even more. Have you gone a bit too long without talking to any of your dearest friends? Give them a call, wish them a Happy Galentines, let them know that you’re thinking of them and check in with how they’re doing.

video call your best friend

Sending a card could mean the world to someone. Let your friend know what you miss about them (their ridiculous laugh, the way they celebrate everything with a bottle of prosecco or hearing about their crazy workplace dramas) and that you can’t wait to see them again. When you consider how much time we spend online and communicating through screens, you can appreciate just how personal a handwritten card can be.

Something to look forward to

One day, life will start to resemble what it used to. Maybe begin planning what you’ll do to celebrate when that time comes? Find the perfect spa day and plan out every treatment, or discover a new afternoon tea spot to try out as soon as possible. If you’re more into activities, perhaps find a bike trail to explore or a race to sign up to and train together for. Brainstorming plans together with a friend will help you bond and give you something fun to chat about.

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