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Aldi Vegan Beauty Dupes


Thanks to lockdowns and only heading out when necessary, we’ve become increasingly reliant on our supermarket shop to stock up on our beauty essentials. As we continue into the pandemic, it may not be essential to get our beauty products during our weekly shop, but it sure is convenient! Even better, if your local supermarket is Aldi, it’s also super cost-effective too. Particularly once you discover all the amazing dupes they have in their beauty aisles!

In this post, we’ll be exploring the different vegan beauty products you can find in Aldi and learn how to spot them.

Are Aldi Beauty Products Cruelty-Free?

Not just their toiletries! All Aldi’s own-label cosmetics, toiletries, and household products are cruelty-free certified by leading animal protection organisation, Cruelty-Free International. This is often considered the ‘gold standard’ of cruelty-free. They are one of only four UK retailers to have been awarded the gold standard leaping bunny certification across both their household and health and beauty ranges. That’s pretty special and one of the big reasons they’re a favourite amongst vegans.

Whilst shopping, just look out for the leaping bunny logo for assurance that no animal tests were used in the development of that product.

Are Aldi Beauty Products Vegan?

However, not all of their beauty products are vegan. Some will be labelled as ‘suitable for vegans’ if so, but annoyingly not all of their vegan-friendly products are labelled. If there’s any particular product you want to double-check, Aldi has a vegan list available online. Fortunately, things are getting better and an increasing number of their vegan beauty products are being labelled as such – making it much easier for shoppers.

One thing about Aldi – which can be both thrilling and frustrating – is that they switch up their products a lot. If you find a product you love, stock up because you never know when it’ll disappear from your local’s shelves. Take a look down the Aldi specials aisles every now and then too! You never know when they’ll have a surprise beauty launch. Just look for the cruelty-free bunny and vegan label. Picking up their in-store magazine is another great way to stay up to date with any exciting launches.

Top Vegan Beauty Products

Lacura Healthy Glow Glycolic Toner

Photo by Aldi

The Lacura Healthy Glow Glycolic Toner is a great, budget-friendly swap for the cult Pixi Glow Tonic. This toner gently exfoliates using a 5% glycolic acid formula (same as Pixi). This skincare product is great for removing impurities, brightening skin on the face and neck, and softening skin. Suitable for all skin types, this tonic is one of their most loved – and raved about – beauty products.

 Whilst the Pixi Glow Tonic sets beauty lovers back £18, the Lacura alternative costs just £3.99. It’s pretty understandable why any fans of the cult tonic would be eager to try the Aldi dupe – you can get four Aldi toners for the price of one Pixi Glow Tonic and still have money left over for a snack.

Lacura Vitamin C Hot Cloth Cleanser

Photo by Aldi

Aldi’s skincare range is a massive success. With shoppers loving the affordable price tag, their hot cloth cleanser was a sell-out. This hot cloth cleanser uses vitamin C to brighten and awaken dull skin. With a formula containing cocoa butter, vitamin E and thyme oil – it’s definitely a unique blend! The product includes both a cleansing balm and a muslin cloth – perfect for completing a hot cloth routine.

Hot cloth cleansing hit the mainstream and was made famous by beauty brand Liz Earle. They may have brought hot cloth cleansing to the masses, but their Hot Cloth Cleanser set costs shoppers £17 – making it pretty clear why so many are attracted to Aldi’s £3.99 alternative.

Lacura 100% Naturally Derived Day Cream

Photo by Aldi

For Veganuary 2020 Aldi launched a vegan skincare range from Lacura (it’s in-house beauty brand) which was fully vegan. This natural skincare range was great for normal/dry skin as it’s full of hydrating ingredients like coconut oil and almond oil. One of their stand out products from this range was their Day Cream.

The super hydrating formula, made with shea butter, is a great, thick day cream for cold winter days. There’s no need to ditch it in the summer, just switch up your routine and use it as a hydrating night cream during the warmer months. One of the more expensive products from the range – though still affordable! – this cream comes in a gorgeous, fancy looking jar that would look great in your bathroom. No one would guess it’s an Aldi bargain buy.

Lacura 100% Naturally Derived Eye Cream

Photo by Aldi

For younger beauty lovers that want to introduce an eye cream into their routine but don’t need to spend a fortune, this is a great affordable vegan option. For less than a fiver, don’t expect miracles but it is gentle, hydrating and vegan-friendly. However, those that need a bit more work from their eye cream would be best off shopping elsewhere.

Lacura 100% Naturally Derived Sheet Masks

Photo by Aldi

It’s been a while but sheet masks are still having their moment. Especially as so many of us are having to stick to at-home pampering! Lacura have four different vegan face masks: avocado, watermelon, ginseng and matcha – though they don’t make it too clear what skincare benefits separates these masks from each other. You do however get 2 masks per £1.99 pack, so each sheet mask is an affordable 99p.

Great for vegans?

Vegans that live near an Aldi are spoilt with fun, affordable options – whether that’s shopping for cruelty-free cleaning products, vegan beauty essentials or frozen faux meat. Aldi really understands the vegan audience and the wide range of products vegans check – with animals in mind – before buying.

Aldi is a key player in making veganism affordable and accessible – proving that animal-friendly products don’t have to come at a luxury price tag. Their low price points and a huge array of vegan products definitely plays a part in encouraging meat-eaters to dabble in veganism. Whilst they bring out vegan launches all year round, pay extra attention around Veganuary for their best offerings.

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