Vegan & Cruelty-Free Lipsticks You Need This Autumn

Few beauty products have the power to change your look as powerfully as lipstick. Whether it’s a bold red, sultry brown, or playful pink – you can transform yourself so easily and effortlessly.

Of course, when you’re picking your signature lipstick, it’s not only the shade that needs to suit you, you’re also looking to pick a brand that suits you ethically. So here are a few vegan and cruelty-free lipstick brands to check out!

Budget Buys


Velvet Lipstick Smooth Matte Finish Stiletto
Photo by MUA

When it comes to budget makeup, I’m always quick to recommend MUA. The 100% vegan makeup brand can be found in Superdrug and they have gorgeous lipsticks starting from just £1.50. Even their Velvet Lipstick Smooth Matte Finish lipsticks look and feel way more luxurious than the £3 price tag. We love the shade ‘Red’ for that classic Autumnal lip.

I’ve tried my fair share of budget lipsticks and often the consequence is an odd texture that either feels weird on the lips, is awkward to apply, and/or looks cheap and tacky on the lips. I can confirm this is not the case with the super affordable MUA lipsticks. They’re a dream to apply, look and feel great on the lips, plus they last pretty well too! Minimal reapplication required.

Their lip products include MUA Satin Lipstick, MUA Matte Lipstick, Velvet Lipstick Smooth Matte, and Velvet Matte Long-Wear Liquid Lip. All their products come in a range of shades that range from subtle nudes to deep, bold shades.

For anyone that loves lipsticks, this is a super affordable way to expand your collection!


elf SRSLY Satin Lipsticks
Photo by e.l.f

Another great budget brand for vegan lipsticks is e.l.f.. They’re a 100% vegan beauty brand from the US and you can find them on the high street in both Superdrug and Boots. They have a lot of products, so I’ll highlight two of their best lip ranges:

We love their Srsly Satin Lipsticks which come in a chic clear plastic case – super handy when trying to figure out how much lipstick you have left. The shade ‘Cherry‘ is the perfect cherry red for all skin tones and the shade ‘Sugarplum‘ is deep purple, if you fancy trying something different this Autumn. This product has a silky, smooth satin feel and provides plenty of pigment with one swipe.

Their £3 Lip Lacquers are also great quality lip products. Whilst most glosses lack in pigment and often work best over lipsticks, these really give maximum colour and shine with a lick of application. These are also infused with vitamin E for extra long-lasting moisturisation.

The Eco-Friendly Refill Option

Lush Refillable Lipstick
Photo by Lush

Did you know that over 95% of beauty packaging is thrown out after just one use? It’s not all that surprising when you consider how few brands offer refills for their products. Fortunately, refill culture has really started booming in the beauty industry.

If you’re looking for a lipstick that’s kinder to the planet, look no further than the Lush naked lipsticks. ‘Naked’ is a cheeky term Lush gives to its package-free products that are made with the planet in mind. These lipsticks are sold in a peel-away wax case and can be easily inserted into any old, empty lipstick canister. If you don’t have an empty lipstick case spare, Lush does sell these separately.

Not only are these lipsticks great for cutting down your beauty waste, but they are of amazing quality too. They’re highly pigmented, long-lasting, and super creamy on the lips. Each lipstick is made with a luxurious blend of jojoba oil, broccoli seed oil, and candelilla wax (rather than beeswax!). This formula provides a smooth application and a hydrating finish.

Lush have so many Autumn shades with candy apple reds such as shade ‘Ruby‘ to demi-matte reds with brown undertones such as shade ‘Kinshasa‘ we’re sure you’ll find the shade for you.

Looking For Something Fancier?


Axiology Balmies
Photo by Axiology

If you’re into fancy-looking lipsticks with luxurious formulas but without compromising on ethics then check out Axiology. They are a 100% vegan, cruelty-free and palm oil -free US lipstick brand. They believe beauty should be simple and like to keep their ingredients list short with all products having 10 ingredients or fewer.

They launched with bougie gold cased lipsticks which click open – making you feel like your lippy could secretly be a spy gadget – and have since expanded to include longer-lasting lip crayons and plastic-free balmies.

Their website is super easy to navigate and also allows you to filter their lipstick between coverage options: sheer for a lip tint, soft creams for medium pigments, and rich creams for high pigment payoff. Definitely makes things easier in a tester free world!

My personal favourite? The lip crayons! I find them so easy to use as they give the precision of a pencil with the creamy coverage of a lipstick. Plus the finish is a longer-lasting semi-matte. There’s loads of shades to choose from in all their ranges, my favourites include ‘Valor‘ lip crayon and ‘Cherry‘ balmie.


Photo by Inika

Looking for a lipstick with certified organic ingredients? Head straight to Inika whose Certified Organic Vegan Lipsticks deliver a luxuriously smooth texture and stunning satin finish. These lipstick are also great for those with dry lips – the formula is super hydrating with ingredients like certified organic avocado, jojoba, and argan oils. The finish is glossy but long-lasting and the shades complement those who like a more natural rather than bold look.

‘Inika’ is actually a Hindu word which means ‘small earth’. This refers to the ‘small world’ concept – that the earth’s resources are finite and precious and should be treated with care. This is a philosophy Inika has with their makeup – which is why they focus on organic and ethically sourced ingredients.

Inika has some lovely nude shades for all year round but if you’re on the hunt for the perfect Autumnal red then ‘Auburn Ambition‘ could be the one for you.

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