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4 Handmade Vegan Fragrances That Will Make Your Home Smell Amazing

handmade candles by luma

Candles make a great gift for any occasion, but not all candles are vegan. Paraffin wax candles containing animal-derived or animal-tested ingredients like beeswax or stearic acid can often be found on the shelves of supermarkets and department stores making it difficult to tell if a candle is vegan.

Unless specifically labelled otherwise, many vegans choose to assume that paraffin wax candles probably contain non-vegan ingredients and hence avoid them. Aside from that though, many vegans and non-vegans choose to avoid paraffin wax candles on the grounds of health as some people have reported that exposure to burned paraffin wax has resulted in irritation to the eyes and throat.

Candles by Luma were founded in 2017 after finding out about the harmful effects that low-quality candles have on the earth and the people who breathe them in. Handmade in the UK, Luma knows the importance of quality and creates the richest soy wax formulas for their candles and wax melts.

With a lower burning temperature, Soy Wax means you get more for your money as your fragrance is gradually released. They are more eco-friendly, better for your home, and better for the people around it with fewer toxins and 90% less soot into the air compared to paraffin wax.

We’ve picked out our favourite fragrances from the Luma range, keep on reading to find out more about them…

Akasha – Sleep

eco friendly soy candle

Akasha is a sensual herbal fragrance with a relaxing sweet orange and rosemary scent leading on to calming lavender and geranium heart. This candle has been crafted to help aid your sleep, its tranquil scent can help you relax before going to sleep.

Bloom – Citrus and Berries

floral wax melts vegan

A fruity floral fragrance the Bloom scent is a medley of coconuts, strawberries, melons and bananas leading to rose and jasmine. Enriched with sweet vanilla and sugar notes this candle contains Luma’s signature oils to achieve a long, clean, even burn.

Havana – Vanilla

havana handmade soy candle

If you’re looking for a traditional scent for your candles, then Havana might be for you. Hand-poured in the UK the Havana candle and wax melts has a sweet vanilla bean scent with intense musk and hints of tonka and soft lily.

Tamika – Coconut & Lime

tamika soy wax melters

The Tamika wax melts, included in our May Pip Box, are a sweet coconut and lime fragrance with hints of lime, lemon, orange and apple. The vanilla, musk and soft floral notes of this candle make for a truly exotic scent. Perfect for the summer months.

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